Is Mr. Clean Toxic? Does It Contain Harmful Chemicals?

Mr Clean

Mr. Clean is one of the most popular brands of cleaning products available in the market today. Beginning its journey in 1958, Mr. Clean has rapidly become a household staple not only in its home country the USA, but also internationally. Mr. Clean’s brand has expanded to include at least 18 different varieties of cleaning products. 

However, it is very important to know clearly the ingredients and potential risks, if any of such products which we use on a daily basis. Cleaning products have often been found to contain toxic chemicals which pose a real threat to our health. In this article, we will discuss in detail whether Mr. Clean’s products are safe to use and if any ingredient in the products can cause toxic side effects. 


While there are several products under the Mr. Clean brand, and each might have varying uses, the main chemical components for all Mr. Clean surface cleaning solutions remain more or less similar. 

The key ingredients include Water, Amine Oxide, Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, carbonic acid, sodium salt, Benzisothiazolinone, sodium citrate dihydrate, fragrances, Liquitint dye, etc. 

Does Mr. Clean have ammonia? 

Several popular surface cleaning products similar to Mr. Clean contain ammonia, which is known to help clean impurities and stains. However, none of Mr. Clean’s products contain ammonia in their composition. Ammonia can have many toxic effects on our health, and Mr. Clean products have always consciously stayed away from including ammonia. 

Does Mr. Clean have bleach? 

Bleach is calcium hypochlorite, a powerful chemical compound that is often used for getting rid of stubborn stains. While it can prove effective, excessive use and mishandling of bleach can potentially be hazardous to health. Mr. Clean products do not contain bleach and it may be dangerous to mix the two.

Does Mr. Clean have vinegar? 

Vinegar is a commonly available acidic substance that is quite often used to clean dirt and grime. While Mr. Clean’s products do not contain vinegar in their composition, one may use a mixture of Mr. Clean’s cleaning solution with vinegar to clean their home. 

Does Mr. Clean have alcohol? 

Mr. Clean’s products certainly contain alcohol in the form of alcohol ethoxylates, as stated in the product manuals. The alcohol may give the product certain disinfectant properties, however, the brand makes no such claims. The alcohol certainly aids in effective cleaning, leaving behind stain-free surfaces.

Does Mr. Clean contain phenol? 

Mr. Clean brand has always maintained that unless mentioned in the title, their products are strictly for cleaning purposes and do not contain any disinfectant properties. So unlike brands like Lysol and Dettol which specialize in disinfection, Mr. Clean products do not contain phenol which is known to aid in the killing of germs. 

Does Mr. Clean cause side effects?

Cleaning solutions may seem like harmless liquids that we use on a daily basis to clean and shine our homes. However, exposure to these chemical-filled liquids over long periods of time can cause certain side effects. 

In the case of Mr. Clean, the side effects are not too serious – you might notice irritation of the skin and eyes upon prolonged exposure. There are also some myths regarding the side effects of Mr. Clean products that need to be busted.

Hair Loss

You might have heard that the chemicals in Mr. Clean products cause Hair Loss. However, there is no study that confirms that Mr. Clean products might cause Hair Loss. If by chance your scalp is exposed to Mr. Clean products, you might experience scalp irritation and burning. You should immediately rinse the product off with water. 


There have been no reported cases of cancer linked to the use of Mr. Clean products. There is also no mention of carcinogenic chemicals in the reported list of ingredients for all Mr. Clean products. So you can be certain that using Mr. Clean won’t lead you to an oncologist’s chamber! 

What happens if you drink Mr. Clean? 

You would be surprised to know how often the ER gets visits from people who have accidentally taken a sip of cleaning solutions like Mr. Clean. It is especially a worry if you have small kids who love to experiment! The potential health hazards that follow drinking Mr. Clean include ataxia, muscle weakness, gastrointestinal disorders like vomiting and diarrhea along with severe nausea. 

If by chance you or your toddler end up ingesting Mr. Clean, the first thing you should do is call medical services. In the meantime try to stay calm and offer water to the patient if they are able to drink. Also, ask them to rinse their mouth with water. 

What happens if you inhale Mr. Clean? 

If you accidentally inhale Mr. Clean you will experience symptoms like irritation and a burning sensation in your nasal passage and respiratory tract. Given that you have not inhaled a large amount, this is generally not a great concern or worry. 

However, to be on the safe side, you should immediately consult medical advice and follow your doctor’s guidance.

What happens when you mix bleach and Mr. Clean? 

We often try to make homemade cleaning concoctions to prepare an effective cleaning product. People often attempt to mix chemicals such as bleach with market-bought cleaning products in an attempt to improve the effectiveness of the market-bought product. However, we strongly advise against mixing bleach with Mr. Clean. The mixture of bleach and Mr. Clean can produce toxic gases which are detrimental not only to the environment but to your health as well. 

Is Mr. Clean dangerous?

On their own, Mr. Clean’s products are not dangerous per se. It all depends on how you use the products. Unlike several popular cleaning products, Mr. Clean does not contain ammonia, which reduces its potential for causing toxic effects on health. 

However, if you mishandle Mr. Clean products, an example being prolonged use of the product without wearing gloves, accidental ingestion, and inhalation, you will certainly put your wellbeing at risk. So, it is best to always carefully read the guidelines and the alerts that are provided in the user manual of Mr. Clean products.

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