Is Ozium Odor Eliminator Safe? Explained With Helpful Tips

Ozium odor eliminator spray

The original Ozium spray is widely regarded as the finest solution for any sanitation issues that may arise in vehicles, homes, or workplaces.

Ozium sprays don’t just mask unpleasant odors, they fully remove them. It also works wonders on cigarette smoke and other noxious smells. The spray is not intended to remove smells from clothes or countertops, though.

What Is Ozium?

Ozium is an ozone spray that works quickly to eliminate odor-causing particles in the air. Ozium spray comes in a container with natural ozone gas within. Ozone is an unstable compound. When you spray Ozium, the molecules soon break away and bond with the germs and odor-causing particles in the air thus neutralizing them.

What can Ozium be used for?

Ozium can be used to get rid of a wide range of smells. It is effective in removing all forms of smoke odors, including those from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other tobacco products, and can be used in cars, houses, and offices. It can also be used to sanitize or disinfect the area. 

How does Ozium work?

Ozium uses glycolic action to battle airborne pollutants and smells. The spray contains micron-sized particles that stay suspended in the air and stick to airborne germs and odors and kill them.

Is Ozium Odor Eliminator Safe?

Ozium is safe, according to Ozium’s own safety guidelines, as long as you use it outside or in a well-ventilated location.

It is advised to wear adequate face and hand protection while using it. Wash your hands completely after using, and remove any contaminated garments.

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Is Ozium bad to breathe in?

Ozium uses toxic substances that can be hazardous to health. While it doesn’t burn or hurt if you breathe Ozium sprays, it might cause you to cough.

The Natural Resources Defense Council discovered significant amounts of Di-ethyl Phthalate (DEP) Ozium compounds in a study of its components. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regards DEP as a ‘hazardous’ substance.

Can you spray Ozium on clothes?

It is not a good idea to apply Ozium sprays directly on clothing because it may eventually cause a buildup that can stain or tighten the material.

What ingredients does Ozium have?

Ozium contains Isopropanol, Triethylene glycol, Propylene glycol, Fragrances, and a Hydrocarbon propellant.

Can you spray Ozium in your car?

Yes, Ozium can be used to deodorize your vehicle. Spray Ozium as much as is reasonably required inside your car, and then wipe away any overspray on plastics and leather surfaces.

You may also spray it inside your vehicle’s cabin air filter and AC ducts to disinfect those regions. While it does work instantly, it is a good idea to close the windows and leave the spray in the car overnight. 

Is Ozium safe on leather?

No, Ozium is meant to work as an air sanitizer. As such, we do not know if the chemicals in Ozium may cause long-term damage to the leather. 

Is Ozium flammable?

Yes, Ozium is flammable. As an aerosol, Ozium tends to stay suspended in air, and could thus easily spread the fire around. Make it a point to keep it away from open flames and hot surfaces. 

Is Ozium safe for pets?

Yes, Ozium is safe for pets but it should not be used in close proximity to animals. This is because when free-floating O3 molecules interact with body tissue, they can cause cellular damage.

Is Ozium toxic?

Yes, Ozium contains toxic ingredients such as O3 molecules and high levels of Di-ethyl Phthalate. It may not be a good idea to intentionally expose yourself to these aerosol particles for at least 20 minutes after they are sprayed.

Does Ozium really sanitize the air?

Yes, it is clinically proven that Ozium sanitizes and freshens the air. The aerosol particles in Ozium are made with Ozone that is unstable and quickly disintegrates upon spray to react with germs and odor-causing particles in the air; sanitizing them in the process. 

How long does Ozium last?

As per user reviews, a bottle of Ozium spray lasts at least 3 to 4 months and buyers are quite pleased with the results. 

How long does the Ozium smell stay?

The scent of Ozium typically disappears within 20 minutes after spray. Blowing fresh air into the room will help to speed up the process of airing it out. However, do note that this also dilutes the suspension in the air, and could bring down its effectiveness.

Does Ozium get rid of cigarette smell?

Yes, Ozium helps with ridding cigarette smell from the air. Cigarette smoke is made of over 7000 different chemicals, including carcinogens like nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde. The Ozone-based aerosol in Ozium reacts with the liquid-suspended particles in tobacco smoke to rid the air of their odor.

Does Ozium kill germs?

Yes, Ozium is excellent at killing bacteria and germs in the air. Initially, It was created to fight bacteria and germs that spread via air in hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Does Ozium hurt your lungs?

Yes, Ozium can hurt your lungs if adequate precautions are not taken. Ozium, or any other ozone-producing substance, should not be breathed directly. It is advised to move away from the room for at least 20 minutes after spraying.

This is because when free-floating O3 molecules interact with body tissue, such as the interior of your lungs, they can cause cellular damage.

How long should you leave the room after spraying Ozium?

You should allow at least 20 minutes for Ozium to sit in a confined place, such as a closet, small room, or automobile, before breathing the air in the same space.

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